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After Study Abroad

Welcome home! 

You are probably returning home energized with new perspectives and you may even be a little confused and overwhelmed.  Now that you are back, we hope to see you continue your journey and transfer the skills you’ve gained abroad towards becoming effective global citizens!  Please use the information below as resources to help you transition back to MTSU.  

Students who wish to purchase a Graduation Sash representing their study abroad country should scroll down to the 'Graduation Sash' section. 


Now that you have returned from your study abroad experience, filled with new insights and a better understanding of the world, we would like you to take a few minutes and give us some feedback about your program. 

Evaluations are online and will be emailed to all MTSU Signature Program participants after the program end date. 

We value your opinion!  All students, regardless of education abroad program, are welcome to email the Office of Education Abroad to discuss or evaluate their program.  Please email

Graduation Sash

The Office of Education Abroad believes you should proudly display your education abroad experience whenever possible. 

One of the best opportunities to do so is at graduation with international sashes. All MTSU Education Abroad alumni can have their own sash representing the country in which they studied abroad to adorn their graduation regalia. You can order a sash with 1-4 country flags. The sashes range in prices from $30.95 - $60.95 + tax & shipping. Click the link below to search for your country's flag.

Reverse Culture Shock

As you become integrated into the study abroad country's culture, it may be more difficult to re-adapt to the United States upon return home. The United States just won't look the same way it did before leaving to study abroad.  You may view home with new eyes and may also be more critical of U.S. cultural traditions once thought to be "normal".  As you may have gone through a period of adjustment in your study abroad country, you may have a similar period of readjustment upon coming home. (Adapted from The Center for Global Education's online Study Abroad Student Handbook)

This is a normal part of the study abroad experience. You may want to extend your cultural experience by staying engaged in activities that allow your to stay connected such as joining a cultural or language group on campus, blogging or writing, or becoming involved with the exchange and international students on campus. Some students return from their study abroad program and join our Global Ambassador program to share their experiences and inspire other students.  

Please see the links below for additional information on reverse culture shock.

Two of our Global Ambassadors created a great culture shock/reverse culture shock video that you might find helpful as you readjust.  They explain the process of culture shock and reverse culture shock. 

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Staying Connected

Students returning from an education abroad program often want to find ways to stay connected to that experience.  There are a variety of ways to stay connected, from language groups on campus, adding a related component to your degree, joining a student organization, or assisting incoming exchange students adjust to MTSU.  Please see the linked document to get ideas about staying connected after your program concludes. 

Global Ambassador Program

The Global Ambassador program at MTSU is a volunteer opportunity offered through the Office of Education Abroad that is designed to engage MTSU study abroad students who have participated in an MTSU study program.  Global Ambassadors work with Office of Education Abroad staff to promote study abroad opportunities. Global Ambassadors have a chance to earn a graduation sash and gain valuable experience (which can be added to a resumé or CV!). You can still be a Global Ambassador virtually during this time, even if you have to take all online or remote courses, as many of the activities that earn points can be done virtually!   

What does a Global Ambassador do?

As a student representative of the Office of Education Abroad, a Global Ambassador will learn from our office staff and will utilize this knowledge plus their own personal experiences to conduct classroom presentations and assist with a number of education abroad events.  Recent Global Ambassador activities have included assisting at the Study Abroad Fair, classroom presentations to share their experiences, peer advising, tabling, assisting with pre-departure orientations, activities with exchange and international students, and more! 

To learn more about the Global Ambassador activities and overview of the program use the link below.
Are you interested in learning more about study abroad from a Global Ambassador?  We might have a Global Ambassador that has been on the program or to the area you are thinking about for your own studies!   To learn more please contact Emily McAnally, Education Abroad Advisor, at .


International Buddy Program

Would you like to get involved with our campus international community?  Do you enjoy helping others and creating new friendships?  The International Buddy Program aims to ease the transition to MTSU for our incoming exchange and international degree-seeking students.  It gives MTSU students a chance to foster new friendships, help incoming exchange and international students adjust to MTSU, and to facilitate cultural exchange.   

Buddies often help by providing tips about navigation on/around campus, attending campus events together, answering questions about MTSU and Murfreesboro, going shopping or out to a meal, and more!  MTSU students commit to one semester of the program.  Buddies contact their match before the semester begins and are welcome to attend any of our International Welcome Week events with all our exchange and international students.  

We recruit for the International Buddy Program for the Fall and Spring terms. 

Please see the link below for additional information about the International Buddy Program.

For more information, please contact Emily McAnally at

Student Society for International Education 

This is a new student organization that was started by some of our Global Ambassadors in Spring 2020!  The purpose of Student Society for International Education is to explore and share information and ideas about cultures around the world.  By working closely with the Education Abroad office on campus, this society hopes to foster relationships between both United States students as well as students from around the globe.  These relationships will be fostered in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, international pot-luck dinners, round table discussions about countries, and contacting students from other countries.

For mote information, check out their Instagram Account or visit their MyMT Student Organization Page