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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for MTSU Signature Program: MTSU in Japan 2018.

Summer Budget Sheet for MTSU Signature Program: MTSU in Japan 2018
Summer Budget Sheet for MTSU Signature Program: MTSU in Japan 2018
Budget Item Internal External
Office of Education Abroad Fee *   $50.00 $0.00
MTSU Signature Program: MTSU Course Tuition and Fees *   $808.00 $0.00
iNext health insurance fee *   $32.00 $0.00
MTSU Signature Program Fee *   $2,400.00 $0.00
Billable subtotal:  $3,290.00 $0.00
New Passport   $0.00 $135.00
Airfare (estimate)   $0.00 $1,500.00
Miscellaneous Expenses   $0.00 $1,350.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $0.00 $2,985.00
Total: $3,290.00 $2,985.00

Important: You need to add together the Billable and Non-billable Internal and External costs to get the full cost estimate for your program.  Billable costs are only paid to MTSU. 

Program Notes: 

MTSU Course Tuition and Fees
Based on 3 hours per semester of MTSU undergraduate credit hours with 25% discount. Out-of-State Students - Students who participate on a study abroad program, when the only course(s) in the program is/are the only course(s) for which the student is registered during that term shall not be required to pay out-of-state tuition.

MTSU Signature Program Fee  
Amount paid to the faculty leader/for the program.  Payments will be made at MT One Stop.  This program fee includes: Accommodations, in-country airport pick-up and drop-off, entrance fees, cultural activities, and guided tours. 

Miscellaneous Expenses for this program
Include Meals, in-country transportation, optional excursions and personal expenses, books, supplies, and materials, and emergency funds. 

Please note that airfare and expenses are ESTIMATES, and are based on the costs for the 2017-18 academic year. Costs vary depending on the exchange rate, the inflation rate, individual spending habits, and amount of extra travel.
Internal vs. External costs descriptions

Internal = costs paid to MTSU at MT One Stop 
  • Examples of Internal costs: MTSU course tuition and fees
  • MTSU Signature Program costs
  • Office of Education Abroad fee
  • iNext insurance fee
  • Exchange program meals, housing, and tuition costs (depending on the type of exchange) 
External = costs paid to a Program Provider or anywhere outside MTSU
  • Examples of External costs: USAC, ISA, CIEE program fee (including housing)
  • Exchange program meals and/or housing (depending on the type of exchange)
  • Airfare
  • Visa fees (if applicable)
  • Passport fee
  • Miscellaneous expenses not included in the program fee. Might include: personal expenses, meals, entrance or activity fees, in-country transportation, etc…
* Billable item