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Virtual Study Abroad

Welcome to virtual international experiences!  Virtual options are great for students who are unable to study abroad but would like an international experience.  They are also excellent for providing an opportunity to collaborate with international partners and students when travel is not possible.  Additionally, they are excellent for professional development and networking in your chosen field. 

At this time, the Office of Education Abroad offers virtual internships through our affiliated program providers, CIEE, ISA, University of Minnesota LAC, and USAC.   These are great options for students who need an internship experience as part of their degree plan or for those who are interested in gaining collaborative, virtual experiences that are relevant to academic or personal interests.  Set yourself apart from your peers right from home while expanding your network in your chosen field. Get a look at international industry trends, different perspectives, and global issues you likely will not experience through an internship in the U.S.  Gain other skills employers are looking for such as: Cross-Cultural Communication, Flexibility, Independence, Project Management, Remote Work, and International Experience.  Virtual internships are open to students from all majors and minors. Academic credit will be determined by the department just like any other study abroad program. 

Students who select a virtual internship follow the same process as other study abroad students. 
  • Find your program
  • Review the virtual option with your academic advisor to ensure it works for your degree plan 
  • Apply for program preapproval on the Office of Education Abroad website 
  • Apply for the actual program with the provider 
Virtual options are eligible for the Office of Education Abroad Scholarship!  

Intern remotely with international companies countries like Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, United Kingdom, and more!

3-6 credit internships in academic areas such as: Arts, Business, Business Development & Sales, Business Finance & Accounting, Communications, Data Science & Data Analytics, Design, Digital Health, Education, Electrical & Control Engineering, Engineering, English Language Instruction, Entrepreneurship, Event Planning, Fashion, Health/Wellness, International Business, IT & Computer Science, Journalism, Marketing & Digital, Marketing, Media, Film & Photography, NGO, Pre-Law, Research & Grant-Writing, Social Media Management, Social Welfare & Social Services, Software Engineering, Sustainability & Environment, Tourism, Translation. 

Non-credit internships are also available for students who want the experience and professional development but do not need the credit. 

Use the links below to research our virtual internships.  Questions?  Please contact Emily McAnally, Education Abroad Advisor, for more information: