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Course Approval Form

The Course Approval Form is an integral part of the study abroad process.

This form:

  • Is a collaborative effort between you, your Academic Advisor/Department Chair, and the Office of Education Abroad
  • Lists the courses you intend to take abroad and their MTSU equivalencies
  • Allows you to know ahead of time what is a) offered abroad in the program you have selected, and b) exactly how that will transfer back to your degree
  • Should be completed early in the study abroad process
  • Must be signed by your Academic Advisor(s) 

Who needs to complete the Course Approval Form? 

  • Any student participating on a study abroad program offered by a Program Provider: USAC, CIEE, ISA, ISEP, CCSA
  • Any student participating on a Non-Affiliated Program 
  • Any student participating on an MTSU Exchange Program or ISEP Exchange Program 
The Course Approval Form is no longer required for students participating on an MTSU Signature Study Abroad Program (faculty-led).

?Courses taken abroad must be required for your degree plan in some way.  Failure to take courses required for your degree plan will affect your financial aid (federal, state, and MTSU).  

Some programs may not have a course listing available at the time of your program pre-approval, especially exchanges.  Please contact the Office of Education Abroad for guidance if you are in this situation.   


Students will list their course(s) taken abroad on the Course Approval Form and should schedule a time with their Academic Advisor to have this form completed and signed.  Faculty Instructors and Department Chairs may also sign this form.  Only the Academic Advisor signature is required

  • The Academic Advisor/Department Chair will complete the columns for MTSU Equivalency, MTSU degree requirements satisfied (with credit hours) and sign the form. 
  • Please note: Students taking foreign language courses abroad must meet with the Foreign Language Department for review and approval of their intended courses.
  • Students should remember to complete the student portions of the form including name, program, credits, courses intended to take abroad, and financial aid, and sign/date the bottom of the form. 
  • The Academic Advisor signature is required.
  • If using federal financial aid for the study abroad term, students must submit the Course Approval Form with the Degree Works 'Look Ahead' report from their Academic Advisor.  Please ask the Academic Advisor for guidance on this report. 

Forms may be submitted to the Office of Education Abroad at any time during the study abroad process.  The Course Approval Form is part of the Pathway Packet and must be submitted no later than the Pathway Packet deadline. 

Any questions about the form can be directed to the Office of Education Abroad at, by phone (615) 898-5179, or you may inquire in person in Peck Hall 207.