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Financial Aid and Scholarships information for study abroad can be detail-heavy and with good reason! We want students to understand all the details of funding options since this is one of the biggest hurdles (real or perceived) to overcome when planning to study abroad.  We're here to help.  

Paying for a summer, semester or even academic year education abroad program is not as difficult as you might think. You should spend some time researching and understanding the costs involved to participate on your chosen program using some of the budget guidelines below.   

Scholarships may take a bit of your time and effort, but the payoff can be worth it. We encourage you to take the time to do your research and apply to more than one.

The Office of Education Abroad offers three scholarships.

Schol page - OEA box Schol page - Media box Schol page - Commit box

Office of Education Abroad Scholarship

Award amount is variable for all programs except virtual internships.
Our average award per student for the most recent five years is $675 per student for short-term programs (summer, spring break), $1,700 for long-term programs (semester). 

Students participating in a virtual internship program, regardless of term, are eligible to apply for the Office of Education Abroad scholarship for a flat rate of $500.

Office of Education Abroad scholarship requirements and eligibility requirements apply: 
  • Overall Combined GPA 2.0 (undergrad) or higher for short term programs (spring break, summer, winter)
  • Overall Combined GPA 2.50 or higher for long term programs (semester, academic year)
  • May be combined with other Office of Education Abroad scholarships
  • Awarded prior to program term 

To Apply: 
  1. Click on the Program Search box on the home page 
  2. At the 'Show' box, click on the drop-down arrow next to "Outgoing", select 'Scholarship', and click select at the bottom
  3. At the 'Term' box use the drop-down and select the correct scholarship term
  4. Click 'Search'
  5. Click the link for your scholarship term and follow all instructions 
  6. Contact the Office of Education Abroad if you have any questions. 

Commitment Scholarship 

MTSU Signature Programs only 

  • $500 award
  • Competitive: Available to the first ten (10) students per program; students must complete all scholarship requirements by the deadline for consideration
  • Requires proof of $500 non-refundable program deposit 
  • May be combined with other Office of Education Abroad scholarships
  • Awarded prior to program term
To Apply
Students should have program Faculty Director approval and Office of Education Abroad preapproval before making a program deposit. 
  1. Make your $500 program deposit, keep copies of the receipt(s) or email confirmation of payment
  2. Go to the Program Search box on the home page, click
  3. At the 'Show' box use the drop-down and select 'Scholarship'
  4. In the 'Term' box select the correct term (ex: select 'Summer' for the summer term scholarship)
  5. Click 'Search' 
  6. Select 'Commitment Scholarship'
  7. Follow all instructions including uploading a copy of your deposit receipt.  Complete all requirements and submit. 
  8. Contact the Office of Education Abroad if you have any questions. 
Eligibility Requirements = Please see the application (link below) to review information, requirements, and access the application for this scholarship

Application = Review the scholarship page and apply here: Commitment Scholarship

Media Scholarship 

MTSU Signature Programs only 
Want to share your study abroad adventures in a creative way?  The Office of Education Abroad Media Scholarship gives students a chance to share their study abroad story with the MTSU community and inspire fellow MTSU students to study abroad.  This scholarship is available Summer, Spring Break, and Winter Break if applicable.

The Office of Education Abroad will share the winning projects on our website, in advising, with the campus community, and on our social media channels to highlight the great experiences students have abroad. 
  • 1 award per MTSU Signature Program available for each term, $500 each
  • Available for MTSU Signature Programs only 
  • Student submits proposal for a creative project to showcase their study abroad program (Not just social media, any creative project!)
    • Projects could include: photo, song, video, print media, PowerPoint
    • Social Media projects are accepted as well
  • Must follow all project options and requirements as submitted 
  • May be combined with other Office of Education Abroad scholarships
  • Awarded prior to program term
  • Accepted proposals will have two (2) months from program return date to submit completed project.
Deadlines vary by term. 

Eligibility Requirements = Please see the application (link below) to review information, requirements, and access the application for this scholarship

Application = Review the scholarship page and apply here: Media Scholarship
Schol Page - other MTSU Schol page - outside schols Schol - deadlines

Other MTSU Study Abroad Scholarships 

These may be combined with Office of Education Abroad Scholarships. 

  1. Honors College - Offers multiple study abroad scholarships and Passport Day to Honors College students.  Contact your Honors College advisor.
    1. General Honors Study Abroad Scholarships - $300 award to eligible Honors students, Deadlines: Summer - January 30, Fall/Full Year - February 28, Winter - September 30, Spring - October 30.
    2. June Hall McCash Founder's Award - Honors student, 3.25 GPA, language major/minor, completed 15 hours in language courses, and planning to study abroad in a country to deepen their knowledge of the chosen language.
    3. Hannah/Harris Honors Study Abroad Endowed Scholarships - Honors student, approximately $400 award, demonstrated economic need will be considered.
    4. Passport Day -  Honors student, 3.25 GPA, $100 award to 25 students per year.
    5. Buchanan Fellow Study Abroad Funding - If you are a Buchanan fellow, you receive an additional $2,500 in private funding to study abroad.
  2. Jones College of Business - $1,000 award for Jones College of Business Students.  March 15th deadline. Contact your College of Business major/minor advisor. 
  3. College of Liberal Arts -  Offers multiple study abroad scholarships. Contact the College of Liberal Arts. Spring Break deadline - December 17. Summer/Fall deadline - February 18.
    1. General CLA Study Abroad Scholarship - 2.5 GPA, $500 or $1,000 award, declared major in the College of Liberal Arts,  MTSU Signature Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs only.
    2. Geraldine Sayward Scholarship - 3.5 GPA, Liberal Arts major or minor.  Preference given to MTSU Signature Faculty-Led Programs. Contact the College of Liberal Arts. 
    3. Elrod Family Scholarship - 3.0 GPA, junior or senior in the College of Liberal Arts, a student whose parent(s) did not receive a bachelor's degree. Contact the College of Liberal Arts. 
    4. Kiyoshi Kawahito Scholarship Endowment - 2.75 GPA, $800 award, completed at least two Japanese language courses before study abroad, financial need.  Preference given to students participating in an MTSU exchange program in Japan. Contact the World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department.
    5. Gerhard & Esther Hansen Memorial London Winter Scholarship - $1,000 award, MTSU Theatre major, only applies toward CCSA's 2-week London winter theatre program course taught by MTSU faculty.  Contact Professor Scott Boyd. 
    6. SOMSAC School of Music Study Abroad Scholarship - Applicants must be a full-time Music major, have a 3.0 GPA in music courses, and must be participating in a School of Music MTSU Signature faculty-led education abroad program and course. Contact your School of Music advisor.
  4. College of Education Study Abroad Scholarship - Applicants must be College of Education majors or minors with at least 30 hours earned credit, must be participating in the MTSU Signature faculty-led education abroad program and course, and must have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA. Contact your College of Education major/minor advisor. 
  5. College of Media and Entertainment Study Abroad Scholarships
    1. Worldbeater Scholarship - 3.0 GPA, College of Media and Entertainment major.  Contact the College of Media and Entertainment with any questions.
    2. Tom Berg Memorial Scholarship - 3.0 GPA, junior or senior Media Arts major who is active or has participated in at least one departmental activity or organization.  February 15th deadline. Contact the Media Arts department.
Other departmental funds may be available for study abroad that our office is not aware of, so we encourage students to inquire about scholarships for study abroad directly with their college and department!


Provider Program Scholarships

Most of our affiliated program providers offer their own unique scholarships to help students with expenses abroad.  These scholarships are typically awarded in the form of a deduction from the payments due to the provider.
  1. ISA Scholarships
    1. Affiliate Partnership Award - MTSU students should automatically receive a $250 program fee deduction
    2. Diversity Scholarship - $2,500 - $5,000 award, Includes, but is not limited to, students identifying as underrepresented races, ethnic origins, sexual orientations, gender identities, as well as first generation college students and those with accessibility needs. 
    3. Merit and Financial Need-Based Scholarships - $2,500 semester award - Castañeda Partnership Scholarship and $1,000 summer award - Summer Pathways Scholarship
    4. Community Engagement Scholarship - $1,000 award, for participants enrolled in an ISA Service-Learning program
    5. Some Host University Scholarships are available in addition to ISA scholarships
    6. Additional supplemental grants and awards (ranging from $250-500) are given to GI-Bill recipients, returning ISA alumni or siblings of ISA alumni, and active ISA Global Ambassadors 
    7. ISA GO (Global Opportunity) Scholarship - ISA will award one scholarship each year to a participating student for the full list price of the ISA program. There is not a separate application for the ISA GO Scholarship. All applicants who apply and meet the eligibility requirements for one of the other ISA scholarships on this application by the deadline will be considered.
  2. USAC Scholarships
    1. Regional Scholarships - 2.5 GPA, divided evenly to promote programs in non-traditional locations or in unique parts of more traditional places
    2. Globe Trotter Scholarship - for students pursuing international education
    3. Access, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship - 2.5 GPA, underrepresented categories in study abroad, such as: Ethnically/Racially Diverse, First Generation College Student, LGBTQI+, Religious Diversity, Students with Disabilities, Non-traditional age students (25+)
    4. Military Service Scholarships -2.5 GPA, U.S. Military Personnel (active or veteran status) and their dependents (child or spouse)
    5. Some Program-Specific Scholarships are available in addition to the general USAC scholarships
    6. Additional program discounts are deducted if enrolling in multiple summer sessions or if you are a returning USAC alumni 
  3. CIEE Scholarships  
    1. Need Based Scholarships
      1. Gilman Go Global Grant - $2,500 semester award/$1,000 summer award for qualified Gilman scholarship applicants
      2. GAIN Travel Grant - $1,000 award for travel costs to and from study abroad/internship program, Pell Grant eligible students awarded on a first-come, first-served basis
    2. Merit Scholarships - Multiple $2,500 semester awards/$750 summer awards recognizing academic achievement offered across different programs/areas of study.
    3. Program-Based Scholarships - Additional discounts are deducted if enrolling in multiple summer sessions (20% discount) or if you are a returning CIEE alumni or sibling of a CIEE alumni (10% discount)
  4. CCSA Scholarships 
    1. CCSA Traveler Scholarship - Up to $1,000 award, Pell Grant eligible students
    2. CCSA Storyteller Scholarship - Up to $1,000 award, student submits a project proposal for consideration, designed to encourage student creativity and storytelling through personal narrative.

Outside Education Abroad Scholarships

All outside scholarships have different criteria, application materials, award amounts, and deadlines.  A few of the scholarship opportunities we have listed may not be directly applicable to study abroad programs but related post-graduation opportunities.  

  1. Ashley Soulé Conroy Study Abroad Scholarship
    1. $4,000 award, undergraduate only 
    2. 14 week minimum (long summer programs should apply for spring semester scholarship)
    3. GPA minimum 3.0
  2. Boren Scholarship 
    1. Up to $20,000, undergraduate only 
    2. Study abroad in areas of the world critical to U.S. interests and underrepresented 
    3. Contact: Laura Clippard in the Honors College 
  3. Bridging Scholarship 
    1. Undergraduate students studying abroad in Japan
  4. Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship 
    1. For undergraduate or graduate students interested in formulating, representing, and implementing U.S. foreign policy
    2. Students in minority groups and with financial need encouraged to apply
    3. Most expenses included 
    4. Undergraduate students earn credit at Howard University for the summer enrichment program & can work with their MTSU academic department to determine if this credit is applicable to their major/minor.  
    5. This could be used as education abroad independent study or as a non-affiliated study abroad program.  Please ask the Office of Education Abroad for more information. 
  5. Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) 
    1. Fully-funded overseas summer language & cultural immersion programs 
    2. Not credit-bearing study abroad but excellent experience.  
    3. This could be used as education abroad independent study if the student's major/minor department is interested in awarding credit.  Please ask the Office of Education Abroad for more information.  
    4. Undergraduate or graduate 
  6. DAAD
    1. German Academic Exchange Service for study abroad, research, or internships in Germany 
    2. Undergraduate or graduate 
  7. Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Program 
    1. Designed for current students or those who recently graduated 
    2. For internships, volunteer work, or teaching abroad after graduation
    3. Students from these backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply: economically disadvantaged, ethnic & racially diverse, first generation, LGBTQ+, students with disabilities, and students of faith
    4. $500 stipend
  8. First Trip Scholarship 
    1. For students who have never been outside the United States
    2. For specific locations (listed on their website)
    3. Awards from $750 - $1,000
  9. Freeman-Asia Scholarship
    1. Asian countries only, student must have little to no experience with the country where she/she plans to study
    2. Summer, semester, or academic year
  10. Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) 
    1. Up to $5,000
    2. Program must be 4 weeks or longer 
    3. Very early deadlines 
  11. Generation Google Scholarship 
    1. Must be pursuing a degree in computer science, computer engineering, or related technical degree
  12. Gilman Scholarship 
    1. Federal Pell Grant recipients 
    2. Up to $5,000
    3. Recommended for students who have been historically underrepresented in education abroad 
    4. Critical Need Language Award (CNLA) (up to an additional $3,000) is a supplemental scholarship added onto the Gilman Scholarship if the student completes the CNLA essay.
    5. Automatic consideration for funding from Gilman's Global Partners if program selected is in France, New Zealand, Portugal, Wales, or Israel.
    6. Tips for Gilman Scholarship essays and the follow-on project are on the Gilman site! 
  13. Gilman-McCain Scholarship 
    1. $5,000 award
    2. For undergraduate child dependents of active duty service members 
    3. Students who receive any type of Title IV federal financial aid (Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan, Direct Graduate PLUS Loan, Direct PLUS Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Perkins Loan, and TEACH grants)
    4. Study abroad or internship programs 
    5. Critical Need Language Award (CNLA) (up to an additional $3,000) is a supplemental scholarship added onto the Gilman-McCain Scholarship if the student completes the CNLA essay.
  14. Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship 
    1. GPA minimum 3.75
    2. Do not need to be a member of Phi Kappa Phi to apply 
  15. Scott's Cheap Flights Scholarship 
    1. $1,000 award 
    2. U.S. citizen or permanent resident, must be enrolled full-time 
  16. Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship 
    1. U.S. citizen or permanent resident
    2. Must be enrolled full-time, fall or spring terms only 
    3. $1,000 award 
  17. U.S. Department of State, USA Study Abroad 
    1. Website lists a variety of study abroad scholarships and related opportunities 

Students who study abroad may also be interested in the following opportunity after graduation: 


  • For students who are graduating (or who have graduated)
  • Not study abroad but an opportunity to go abroad post-graduation 
  • Grants for individually designed study/research or English teaching assistant abroad 
  •  Apply at least one year in advance 
  • Contact Laura Clippard in the Honors College 


Other ways to find scholarships and funding opportunities: 

  • Online search
  • Inquire with groups that you and/or your family may be part of (ex: civic or religious organizations) 
  • Ask campus departments if funding is available for your program
  • Go Fund Me 

All scholarship awards are subject to determination of the Office of Financial Aid if the student is eligible to receive additional funding. This includes those provided by MTSU and outside sources. Please note that scholarships are competitive and never guaranteed.

Scholarships will not pay for your entire program, but every award amount adds up!  We highly encourage you to apply for one or more. 

Scholarship Deadlines 

Office of Education Abroad Scholarship deadlines vary. 
Please see the individual scholarship application pages for more details. 

MTSU and outside scholarship deadlines vary. 
Please contact the individual MTSU department/college or the outside scholarship provider for more information.