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What we expect from you

  • Patience, flexibility and open-mindedness throughout all phases of the education abroad application process and experience abroad
  • Willingness to adapt to local academic and living conditions, even when this is difficult or inconvenient
    • Whenever possible, MTSU emphasizes immersion in a university setting alongside regular degree candidates from your host country, typically without MTSU personnel on site. Although you will still have access to many MTSU support services and resources, you will generally work with the local university/program representatives for day-to-day issues. You are expected to duplicate, as much as possible, the experience of the local students and adhere to the host institution's policies and procedures. You should expect to encounter different teaching styles and evaluation methods, and you should not assume that you will find the same conveniences or comforts of life at MTSU. Students who are able to view this as an opportunity tend to be most successful. 
  • To serve as an ambassador of Middle Tennessee State University and accept your responsibility to act as a global citizen while studying abroad. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Comporting yourself in a manner that is consistent with the expectations that MTSU has set for you while on campus as an MTSU student
    • Striving for academic excellence and maintaining academic integrity
    • Interacting with others in a respectful and mature manner 
  • Personal investment in all phases of the education abroad experience. This includes but is not limited to:o Researching program options
    • Ensuring that you meet all eligibility requirements
    • Submitting all application materials by the due date
    • Attending all mandatory meetings and orientations
    • Reading provided information and seeking out answers independently
    • Taking ownership of this experience from start to finish; do not expect others to complete any aspect of the education abroad process on your behalf 
  • Active engagement in the host university and local community

What you can expect from MTSU

  • Diverse summer, semester and academic-year program options throughout the world 
  • Determination to create an immersive education abroad experience, independent from other US university students 
  • Programs of high academic quality vetted and reviewed to maintain academic rigor and relevance 
  • Individualized advising to select an education program that suits your academic goals and provides opportunities for personal development
  • Guidance to academically, mentally, and practically prepare yourself for a successful summer/semester/year abroad 
  • Ongoing support throughout the education abroad experience 
  • Cultural immersion via a programs that seek to maximize cultural understanding and growth