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Getting Started

Explore Education Abroad

Why explore education abroad? 

Explore the world, experience new cultures, make friends, have fun, find a new path, learn a language, challenge yourself, satisfy your wanderlust, gain empathy & understanding, become more independent, learn from others....Studies have shown that study abroad students have higher graduation rates, higher rates of employment, are more competitive applicants for grad school, earn more over a lifetime, and are more likely to be hired than non-study abroad graduates.

Many students are curious about education abroad but don't know where to start. Let us help you through this collaborative process as you learn more, understand the process, and organize the details necessary to make your study abroad dream come to fruition! 

What can I study? 

Education Abroad programs are designed to complement your degree plan.  Courses taken abroad must be required for your degree plan in some way: major, minor, general education, or electives. Internships abroad are available.  

Most majors & minors can find programs with courses abroad.  If we cannot find a course or program that works with your degree plan, we can discuss alternative options.  

You can study abroad on short-term programs (summer, spring break, winter) or long-term programs (fall, spring, academic year).  Not all courses/programs will be available all terms, so it is helpful to be flexible as you search for a program.  

Types of programs

We offer three types of education abroad programs.  Most courses are taught in English.  

  • MTSU Signature Programs are MTSU faculty led, have a high level of support, are 2-4 weeks in duration, and earn 3-6 credit hours.  These are typically summer courses
  • Program Providers offer short-term (summer, winter) and long-term (semester, academic year) programs.  These have a high level of support and provide students with a chance to study abroad with other U.S. and local (host country) students. Examples are programs offered through CIEE, ISA, and USAC 
  • Exchange Programs are long-term (semester, academic year) programs.  They offer greater independence and the ability to study with local (host country) students.  Tuition & fees may be paid to MTSU or to the provider, depending on the program

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Policies and Requirements

Please review our policies & requirements information prior to committing to a study abroad program. 

Link: Policies & Requirements

MTSU students must abide by all policies & requirements set forth by the Office of Education Abroad, Faculty Directors, program providers, and/or the host university  in addition to general MTSU policies & requirements. 

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Divider - EA Advising
It is recommended that students who plan to participate on an education abroad program meet with an Office of Education Abroad for an advising session. This meeting should occur at least 6-12 months prior to your program of interest start date.  Additional advising sessions are welcomed.

Link: Education Abroad Advising

Divider - Program search
Want to explore options on your own?  Are you ready to apply for Office of Education Abroad pre-approval for your chosen program? Explore our simple program search by entering search terms for program name, term (ex: summer), city, country, and/or region.  Move to our advanced program search from the simple search to enter more specific search criteria. 

If you cannot find the program you are searching for or need assistance, please contact us. 

Please use the link below to search for programs. 

Link: Program Search

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Divider - Financial Aid
Financial Aid may apply to education abroad programs.  Education Abroad students must take courses abroad required for their degree plan.  In order to receive financial aid, minimum credit hours must be met: the equivalent of 12 U.S. credit hours for a semester or 6 U.S. credit hours for summer.  Courses taken abroad will be reviewed prior to the program start date to determine eligibility for the upcoming study abroad term. 

It is recommended that students discuss their aid options with the Financial Aid Office. The MTSU Financial Aid Office provides students with information about a variety of financial aid options and how those may work with study abroad programs.  

The Office of Education Abroad can provide a detailed cost estimate of a student's program choice in order to help the Financial Aid Office more accurately determine aid options. 

Please review information on our Financial Aid section of our website for more detailed information. 

Link: Financial Aid 
Divider - Scholarships
Scholarships are available for education abroad programs and students are encouraged to seek out and apply to more than one.

Awards are available for short-term (spring break, summer) and long-term (semester, academic year) programs.  The MTSU Office of Education Abroad offers scholarships and grants that may be used in conjunction with others earned.  Other scholarships include those offered by program providers, governmental agencies, and other MTSU colleges such as the Jones College of Business and Honors College.  

Please review additional information on scholarships on our scholarships page.  

Link: Scholarships

Divider - Course Approval Form
The Course Approval Form lists the courses the student intends to take abroad and their MTSU equivalencies.  Not only does it help the student determine what courses are available on their selected program, it shows exactly how those courses will transfer back to the degree plan.  Since financial aid is tied to required courses (on campus and abroad), this is an integral part of the education abroad process.  Further, it ensures that students do not take courses that will unnecessarily extend their plan of study. 

Completion of the Course Approval Form is a collaborative effort between multiple parties/departments on campus. 

For additional information on the Course Approval Form and a downloadable copy of the form, please see the Course Approval Form page on our website or the link below.  

Link: Course Approval Form - Information & Download

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Getting Started - Deadlines
The education abroad process contains important dates and deadlines that are essential to your success.  These include, but are not limited to, the program pre-approval deadline, scholarship deadlines, program application deadlines, mandatory pre-departure orientation, and more.  

Program providers, Faculty Directors, financial aid, universities abroad, MTSU Exchange Programs, scholarships, and course registration will have different deadlines. We recommend you add deadlines to your calendar early in the process.   

Similarly, we have education abroad events such as the Study Abroad Fair that we would like to share with you over the course of the academic year.  

Please use the link below to review Office of Education Abroad dates and deadlines. 

Link: Dates & Deadlines

Divider - Expectations
Because the education abroad experience is unique, we found it helpful to list expectations so that everyone understands their role in the process.  

Our expectations section has been designed so students know what to expect from the Office of Education Abroad including ongoing support, guidance, and offering programs of high academic quality. 

It also provides a framework for students to understand their role in the education abroad process by listing specifics actions such as understanding their role as an ambassador of MTSU while abroad or ensuring that all eligibility requirements are met. 

Please take a moment to review the expectations section of our website by using the link below. 

Link: Expectations

Divider - FAQ
Please review our Frequently Asked Questions section to see if it answers any questions you may have.  We expect students to have many questions, so if you do not see your question answered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Link: Frequently Asked Questions