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STEP 1: (optional but highly recommended!)
Attend an Education Abroad Info Session

Three Information Sessions will be held during the Fall 2013 semester. No reservations required – just show up!  Info Sessions provide very basic information and are typically only beneficial to students who have NOT already participated in an individual advising session in the Office of Education Abroad and/or chosen a program.

Click on the Events and Deadlines page for the times and dates of the Info Sessions!

STEP 2: (optional but highly recommended!)
Begin researching programs online

Click “Search for Programs” on our main page, read through the various program types, and begin searching by term, location, etc. We recommend that students begin this process at least 6-12 months in advance of the term of interest.

STEP 3: (optional but highly recommended!)
Meet with an Education Abroad Advisor in Peck Hall, Room 207 for an advising session.

Students who plan to participate on an education abroad program should meet with the Office of EA for a 15-30 minute advising session during Walk-In Advising days/times.

Walk-in Advising days/hours are as follows: Every Mon-Wed, 1pm – 4pm
No appointments during Walk-In Advising – just come in and wait your turn!

Students who are prepared for the advising session will find it more productive.  Please click here for some suggestions on how to prepare for your advising session.

After your advising session you will have several tasks to complete, including choosing your program!  Please click here for some suggestions on what to do after your advising session. 

One very important task to complete after your advising session is to determine how the course offerings abroad will count towards your MTSU degree.  You will need to work with your program, our office, and your MTSU Academic Advisor to make these determinations.  The MTSU Course Approval Form will walk you through this process and will eventually be submitted to the Office of EA as a required piece of the Pathway Packet (see below).  We recommend that you start early to complete this form so it is provided above for your convenience. 

All MTSU students who wish to participate on any education abroad program must meet certain guidelines. Please click here to read these policies.

STEP 4: (required!)
Request online pre-approval from the Office of EA to participate on your chosen program.

Students who have chosen a program must first receive approval from the Office of EA to apply. 
You will click “Search for Programs,” find your program of choice, and click “Apply Now!” 
The online system, called StudioAbroad, will ask for your Pipeline credentials to create a student account.  Once you are in your account, please click on your program and submit the two online forms entitled “EA Participation Approval Form” and “EA Participation Approval Signature Form.” Please submit these two online forms no later than the following final deadlines. 

Click here for the final deadlines to request online pre-approval from the Office of EA.
**Students are responsible for completing Step 4 by the deadline listed on the Events and Deadlines page, although we HIGHLY recommend a much earlier submission as the requirements/deadlines listed below must also be met. 

STEP 5: (required!)
Wait to hear from the Office of EA regarding your pre-approval request.

After we receive your online pre-approval request, we will check the information you provided in the EA Participation Approval Form to confirm that you meet the MTSU Office of EA policies.  You should expect a response from EA to your MTSU email address approximately 3-5 business days after the request.

STEP 6: (required!)
Apply for your actual Education Abroad program.

If you are on this step you have been EA pre-approved (yay!) and it’s now time to apply for your education abroad program of choice. 
It depends on the program, but normally you will submit an application to your program organizer (i.e. faculty, provider, etc.)! 
You have received an email from our office by now with basic instructions on how to apply for your program, so you can begin by referencing this email.  It is the student's responsibility to understand the specific application process of the chosen program, but please call or email us (or your program) to confirm if you are unsure. Most (but not all) of our affiliates/faculty have similar program application deadlines so it’s likely that you will have to complete Step 6 by the range of dates listed on our Events and Deadlines page. 

Click here to see the typical range of deadlines for actual Education Abroad programs.
**Don't forget:  You need to meet the Step 4 online pre-approval request deadline too so keep this in mind when looking at program deadlines!

STEP 7: (required!)
Submit the Pathway Packet forms

All MTSU students who participate on an education abroad program must complete the Office of EA required paperwork, also called the Pathway Packet.  These forms will only be available to those students who have been pre-approved to participate.  Students will receive an email from our office when the Pathway Packets are available in their StudioAbroad accounts. 

Click here for the Pathway Packet submission deadlines.

**Students should be aware that the program provider, consortia, international university, faculty, etc. will likely also require additional post acceptance paperwork with different deadlines.  Students need to keep track of and meet all deadlines. 

STEP 8: (required!)
Attend the on-campus Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation

All MTSU students participating on an education abroad program are required to attend the MANDATORY Pre-departure Orientation, which is held on MTSU campus.  Please put these dates in your calendar now!

Click here for the Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation dates.
**Students who do not attend the Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation cannot participate on a study abroad program.


Study Abroad!!

This step by step list is NOT comprehensive. All students are responsible for determining the individual requirements for their specific program. The Office of Education Abroad is here to assist students throughout this process and while abroad.

Don't forget to check out the Study Abroad Returnee section of our website at the end of your program for the program eval, info on return culture shock, how to add your experience to your resume, and ordering your graduation sash!