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Your education abroad process will consist of at least two applications, the preapproval application and the actual program application.  Non-affiliated programs, exchanges, and the occasional provider program may have additional applications or requirements. 

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The first step to indicating your intention to study abroad is the Office of Education Abroad pre-approval. This is an important internal deadline that must be met regardless of the actual program deadline. 

What does it mean to be pre-approved?  The MTSU Office of Education Abroad will support your participation in an affiliated study abroad program for the term you have applied and received approval for.  You must still obtain approval from your actual program through the application process. 

Students should read the Policies & Requirements section of our website prior to applying for pre-approval. 

To request online pre-approval
  • Search for your program using the Program Search function
  • Find program, select, then select 'Apply Now'
  • Log in with your Pipeline credentials 
  • Follow steps to create an account on the education abroad website portal 
  • Complete and submit two online forms, due by the internal deadline:
  • EA Participation Approval Form, and
  • EA Participation Approval Signature Form
You will receive an e-mail from the Office of Education Abroad to your MTSU e-mail address in about one week after your online pre-approval request.

Pre-approval deadlines vary by term.  Please see the Dates & Deadlines section of our website for full details. 

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The second step in the approval process is to apply for your actual program. 

You will know that you are at this stage in the process if you have 1) applied for pre-approval and 2) received a pre-approval confirmation email from our office.  

We highly recommend that students complete the Course Approval Form prior to applying for an education abroad program.   Please review the Course Approval Form section of our website for more information and ask questions as they arise.  

How to apply for your program:
MTSU Signature Program 
  • Apply with the Faculty Director 
  • Some applications are on program page on the Office of Education Abroad website, please see the program page 
  • Deadlines may differ from Office of Education Abroad deadlines
Program Provider 
  • Includes CIEE, ISEP Direct, ISA, USAC
  • Includes any pre-approved non-affiliated program provider 
  • Apply for your program on the provider website 
  • ISEP Direct students, ensure you select the 'Direct' option when you apply 
MTSU Exchange Program 
  • Semester or Academic Year only 
  • Complete the MTSU preliminary exchange packet available on our website (on the exchange program page) or through the Office of Education Abroad 
  • Deadlines may differ from other Office of Education Abroad deadlines 
ISEP Exchange Program 
  • Apply for your program on the ISEP website 
  • Ensure you select the 'Exchange' option when you apply
COST Program (College of Education students only) 

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