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Deadline for submitting proposals for MTSU Faculty-led Signature Programs:
Friday, September 9th, 2022

The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) appreciates your interest in developing an MTSU Signature education abroad program! We look forward to assisting you in what will be a richly rewarding opportunity, for both your own professional development and the academic development of MTSU students.

Faculty should first read through the MTSU Signature Education Abroad Program Handbook, linked below. 

Questions about the MTSU Signature Education Abroad Program process, including information on third party providers that can assist you with logistics to accommodate your course, can be addressed to the Office of Education Abroad at any time.  Please send your inquiries to  

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  MTSU Signature Programs are: 
  • Short-term programs led by one or more MTSU faculty member
  • MTSU courses specifically designed for the overseas location 
  • Designed to provide students with an academically enriching experience in the host country while providing culturally relevant excursions that support the academic experience 
  • Programs taught in English (with the exception of language credit programs)
  • Generally 3-6 credit hours 

MTSU Signature Programs are typically led during the summer term and are usually 2-4 weeks in duration but may be shorter or longer in length.  Faculty can also choose to lead a spring break, fall break, or winter program.

How to Begin

  1. Read through the Signature Faculty-Led Program Handbook, the link is above. 
  2. Review the existing study abroad programs to ensure a program will not be duplicated (see the Office of Education website - Program Search,  or contact the OEA since some may not be listed at the time of search).
  3. Meet with the Director of the Office of Education Abroad.
  4. Meet with your Department Chair and Dean for planning and to seek approval for a program. 
  5. When you are ready, click on the correct Program Proposal link above (new or renewing) and find the documents which need to be submitted for an MTSU Signature Study Abroad Program. 

The handbook contains information on program development, budget considerations, the study abroad process, policies & requirements, and more. 

The Office of Education Abroad is available to help develop faculty develop a program by coordinating program options between the faculty member and a program provider. For many faculty, this takes the burden off having to coordinate & create a program in addition to their concurrent academic and other campus requirements in the planning phase. 

  • Please see the Signature Program Handbook, page 21, for more details
  • Complete the Custom Faculty Program Form, linked below in 'Forms & Templates'

Additional Resources 

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Custom Faculty Program Request 

The Office of Education Abroad is available to assist with the coordination of finding a program provider for faculty programs. For many faculty, this takes the burden off having to coordinate & create a program in addition to academic and other campus requirements.  

Programs created with OEA assistance will use custom-faculty program providers. This helps to ensure high levels of logistics and risk management support for the program.  Faculty should first read the faculty handbook, IV. Developing the Program, starting on page 10 for information about developing the program.  Then, complete the form below to request assistance.  

Assistance with program Request for Travel Authorization
Faculty who would like assistance submitting the program Request for Travel Authorization should first read the Faculty Handbook, pages 22-23 (Budget & Financial; Request for Travel Authorization...) and the corresponding Budget Appendix.  

As noted in the handbook, the Request for Travel Authorization is not based on individual faculty member costs for the program, it is based on group costs. The handbook, appendix, and the Business Office can explain this in more detail if needed. 

Assistance submitting the form via dynamic forms is available. Faculty should:
•    Create their Request for Travel Authorization form (as usual, on the Business Office website)
•    Provide additional documentation for the Request for TA, as needed 
•    Gather the name and email address of the Department Head(s) for signature 
•    Submit all documents and information to the Office of Education Abroad at

The Office of Education Abroad will combine these documents with a PDF version of the program budget spreadsheet and submit the TA dynamic form on behalf of the Faculty Director.

Interactive Budget Spreadsheet 

The MTSU Signature Program interactive budget spreadsheet will assist with your program budget and allows the Office of Education Abroad to understand your full faculty and student program costs.  The Office of Education Abroad will use your program budget sheet to calculate student overall costs in program estimates.  

  • Review the budget spreadsheet with the Faculty Handbook, Appendix A, for detailed guidance for each section. You MUST type in the number of student participants at the top or the spreadsheet will not automatically calculate. 
  • Only the yellow boxes in column B will automatically calculate. 
  • Delete the helpful notes you find throughout the spreadsheet before submitting with the program proposal
  • Link: Interactive budget spreadsheet 
    • Save as your program spreadsheet and submit an electronic copy to the Office of Education Abroad with your proposal.
An example of a completed budget spreadsheet can be found here: Dr. Susie Queue's Program Budget for Political Science in Spain

Student Overall Cost Estimate (Cost Sheet)

The Student overall cost estimate (cost sheet) template can help create a cost estimate, per student, for your program.  Contact the Director of the Office of Education Abroad for guidance putting together a cost estimate for your program. 

Student Fee Payment Template
You can use this program fee payment form to help keep track of student payments to the MTSU Signature Program. This is a fillable PDF version of the on-campus payment form and the online payment instructions.  Please contact the Office of Education Abroad if you prefer the Word version of either document. 

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Recruiting is vital to study abroad program success!  Use the following resources to assist you with program recruitment. 
  • Link: Tips for Recruiting (coming soon)
Marketing Resources 
Please contact the Office of Education Abroad to create marketing materials for your program and to learn how to promote your program on social media and MTSU websites and resources.  Social Media and website examples  dividers 800x50 other resource
Sample Signature Program Timeline 
Most programs are designed for the summer term and this is reflected in the timeline.  Faculty who wish to lead a winter program should contact the Office of Education Abroad for a winter program timeline.  Faculty should begin developing a study abroad program 16-24 months prior to the program date. Scholarships
Students are eligible to apply for internal and external scholarships and use financial aid (grants, loans) for their study abroad programs. Please see the scholarship resources for students on our Scholarships page.