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Develop an MTSU Faculty-Led Program

The Office of Education Abroad (EA) appreciates your interest in developing an MTSU Faculty-led education abroad program! We look forward to assisting you in what will be a richly rewarding opportunity, both for your own professional development and the academic development of MTSU students.  We are currently working on a detailed Faculty-Led Handbook which will outline the beginning, during, and after phases of developing an MTSU Faculty-Led program.  In the meantime please read through the information provided here and let us know if you have any questions.

The Office of EA offers numerous education abroad programs through our affiliated programs, i.e. exchanges, third party providers, etc.  However, most of our participants choose an MTSU Fac-Led program as students generally prefer short-term group programs sponsored by their own university. They also wish to travel and study with friends and faculty they know and trust, and welcome the ease with which academic credit is applied toward their degree requirements.

Although much work goes into developing and producing a successful education abroad program, you are not alone in this endeavor. We are available to assist you along the way and guide you through the program development and coordination process.  We also welcome any additional questions or comments.

We look forward to working with you!

What is an MTSU Faculty-Led program?
Short-term programs led by MTSU faculty member(s) who teach MTSU courses which are specifically designed for the overseas location. Each program provides students with an academically enriching experience in the host country while also providing culturally relevant excursions that support the academic experience. Programs are taught in English (with the exception of language credit programs) and are generally 3-6 credit hours. MTSU Faculty-Led Programs are typically led during the summer term and are usually 2-4 weeks in duration, although faculty can also choose to lead spring break and winter programs as well.

·         Note about ISA Custom option:  Some faculty choose to work with our affiliate, ISA, when leading an MTSU Fac-Led program.  If you are a faculty member leading a program for the first time or you would prefer a good deal of support building the program and while abroad then this may be a good option for you.  Click here to learn more about MTSU Fac-Led programs using ISA Custom services.   

How do I begin the process?
The Office of Education Abroad collects the Course Proposals for all MTSU Faculty-Led programs.  We highly encourage faculty to submit these materials several weeks in advance of the deadline in the event that changes need to be made. 

The Office of Education Abroad will present the Course Proposals to the International Education & Exchange Committee (IEEC) which meets once a month.  This University Standing Faculty Committee with then review the materials and report back to the Office of EA who, in return, will contact the faculty. 

·         Note for Faculty proposing new programs:  Before submitting the course proposal, please submit a Statement of Intent via email to and including a short statement outlining the program location, rationale, proposed course, and a rough budget per student.

What are the upcoming deadlines for the MTSU Fac-Led Course Proposals?

New Programs (will be updated soon for 2015!)

Winter 13-14/Fall Break 2013

February 4th, 2013

Spring Break 2014

February 4th, 2013

Summer 2014

September 2nd, 2013

Winter 14-15/Fall Break 2014

February 7th, 2014

 Re-occurring programs

Winter 13-14/Fall Break 2013

7-9 months before departure

Spring Break 2014

7-9 months before departure

Summer 2014

End of October 2013

Winter 14-15/Fall Break 2014

7-9 months before departure

Course Proposal Materials
Please click on the links below and submit the Checklist, Course Proposal, and supplemental materials for either a new program or re-occurring to Tiffany Bickers in Peck Hall, Room 207 by the deadlines listed above.

MTSU Faculy-Led Checklist (new programs)

MTSU Faculty-Led Course Proposal (new programs)

MTSU Faculty-Led Checklist (re-occurring program)

MTSU Faculty-Led Course Proposal (re-occurring programs)

·         Consortia:  Faculty can also choose to teach through one of our affiliated Consortia programs (CCSA, KIIS, or TNCIS).  Click here for a detailed flyer.
Faculty wishing to teach with one of our Consortia (CCSA, KIIS, TNCIS) instead should contact in the Office of EA for the course proposal materials as the deadlines and paperwork differ from those provided above.

Below is an example of a timeline for a new MTSU Faculty-Led education abroad Summer 2015 program.  Individual program timelines may vary, i.e. a faculty member may choose to apply for grant money which would partially fund a short trip to the program destination one year in advance to set-up logistical arrangements. 

Spring semester 2014

Faculty meets with Tiffany & David to discuss possibilities

April – August 2014

Faculty submits Course Proposal materials

April – August 2014

Faculty begins building the program

September 2014

IEEC reviews course proposals and approves program

October 2014

Faculty attends meeting led by the Office of EA to discuss budgeting,  recruiting and marketing, collecting money, registration, insurance, financial aid, other policies and guidelines, etc.

November 2014

Faculty begins recruiting and participates in on-campus Study Abroad Fair

November 2014 – March 2015

Faculty recruits and collects student applications

March 2015

Faculty attends meeting led by Dr. David Schmidt, Vice Provost for International Affairs, to go over emergency guidelines and procedures

April 2015

Faculty participates in MTSU Pre-departure mandatory student orientation

May – August 2015

Faculty leads MTSU Faculty-Led program!!

Non-Academic or Other
These specific Course Proposals above are NOT intended for programs in which:
• No academic credit is earned.
• No MTSU faculty or staff member is present on the program, i.e. semester exchange program.
• Faculty approval for students who are taking courses overseas individually, i.e. a credit-bearing internship.
Faculty needing more information on these situations should contact the Office of Education Abroad for details.